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Quality Reviews speak for themselves,  Would like to thank  all our Members and Models for providing excellence in our Team.


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We are work hard to ensure our Model Reviews are recent and accurate with the help and collaboration from our Members. The Pandemic has altered many Businesses, but we remain our integrity and Professionalism. Here are our latest reviews:


Reviews in 2024


Your Models are among the Best and I was more than pleased with the services. Thank you ! Robert Flynn Jan 2024

1.) Excellent Services, Hopefully I will be Returning to NY soon. Zak Balenberg Feb 2024

2.) Well I had an enjoyable time with Molly at the New Year’s Bash. Very Professional Company. Robert Clay Jan 2024

3.)  Good Time, Good Experience Mr Patrick Wilson Jan 2024

4.) Excellent Services, Hopefully I will be Returning to NY soon. Zak Balenberg Feb 2024

5.) Your Models are among the Best and I was more than pleased with the services. Thank you ! Robert Flynn Feb 2024

6.) Hamid Zar  Would like to Thank You. This was really a Good Experience for me. March 2024

7.)  Was recommended by my Partner, and I very Satisfied with your Services. Great Model. Mitchel Evans. April 2024

8)  As we say in France  Merveilleux, Fantastique, Zacharie Auclair April 2024

9) Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Chloe Rick Rodgers April 2024

10) Fantastic Service. Thank you. Sota Hasgawa April 24

Previously Added Reviews


1) It is tough now due to the Pandemic, but I had a wonderful time with your Model Ava, she is stunning. Thank you for your support. Chris Adam 2021

2) I had a chance to meet one of your Top Models Annabelle. I was more that happy with both the services and beautiful Annabelle, she was very charming, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Thank you Oleg Smirnov, NY April 2021

3) Molly was sensational! Very pleased to have met! Stunning Model.  David Harris June 2021

4) Your new model Amelia is really a pleasure, we had a super time and the weather was perfect.  Adam Moran July 2021

5)  Very nice time Edward Linley August 2021

6)  Time well spent, and more importantly model was amazing! John Hicks Sep 2021

7)  A lovely day with your Model Gia, truly made my heart beat! She is very beautiful! Thank you! Farouk Abbas

8) Such  a wonderful models, I was very happy with my model and services, we will call again Thank You Rachid  Abdulla  Oct  2021

9) Wonderful Models! Andrew Mere Nov 2 2021

10) My time with your models was a enjoyable experience, and models were beyond my expectations. Thank you Catherine Henry Linden  Nov 2021.

Very Nice Day with your Model George Landon Dec 2021

Always a pleasure meeting your Beautiful Models   Farouk Majani Jan  10 2022

Thank you model was on time as Promised, she is very  a beautiful model as per her photo. Jan 23 2022

Beautiful Models thank you!  David Shaw Feb 2022

The Services were as expected and I thoroughly enjoyed the Date Alan Bradley Feb 2022

Super Time Lovely Ladies Peter Branshore March 2022

I had a wonderful experience meeting your Super Model Anna, she was a pleasure to meet. David Hurley  March 2022

Always nice meeting your Beautiful Models, Very Good Time.  Mohammed Jalal.  April 6 2022

Very nice ladies you have Thank You  Percy Richard April 14 2022

Gorgeous Models!  Matt Flackery  May 2022

My first time using this Membership, very pleased with the models and Services. Vlad Petrov June 2022.

Was a pleasure meeting Arabella, she looks just as good as her photos Thank You!  Richard Wicklow July 2022.

Thank you for your Service Leonid Kuznetsov July 2022.

My time spent with your Models was very Pleasant.  I will be back in NY Soon! Thank you once more James  Ellis August 2022

Arabelle is a stunning model and we enjoyed our time. Aariz Qadir August 2022

Thank you very much, model was great Tim Bishop Sep 2022

Emily was the Perfect Model for me! Thank Hussain Al Yazeedi. Sep 2022

All the ladies are wonderful and I always enjoy my time. Isaac Goldman October 2022

Met Molly over lunch, she was exceptional and her appearance was better in person, Thanks Doug Alvine October 2022

Have A delightful time with your new model Harel October 2022

The Best Luxury Models, your ladies surpass all expectations Thank you ! Bernard Hienz Nov 2022

Always my Pleasure to meet and entertain your Ladies! Had a wonderful time! James Gold December 2022.

Positive Attitude Nice Models Peter Wiez Jan 2023

Thrilling Exciting, I really enjoyed my Time. Abdul Hassan Feb 2023.

Wonderful Models Thank You Patrick Finely March 2023.

My Date was very Memorable and I had a nice experience. John Marsh April 2023.

Impeccable Models, Great Services Faisal  Awad May, 2023

More than my exceeded Expectations, Thank you  David Epstein May 30th 2023



Thank you to everyone for supporting us during the Pandemic and throughout 2022, hopefully we will enjoy a better Year in 2023.

We are Open For New Year’s Eve 2023


Many Thanks The Team Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP.


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